Permaculture Design & Build

Permaculture is a trend that’s often associated with sustainability, but what is it? If you talk with a homesteader, they’ll tell you it’s raising livestock and growing your own food in a way that supports the environment they’re in. To a professional vegetable grower that sells for a living and supports permaculture, they’ll tell you it’s about designing their growing practices around supporting environmental conditions. Obviously it’s too much of a topic to briefly explain, but perhaps an example will help point this trend in the endless possibilities of where it can go. With sustainability comes the desire to stay away from harmful pesticides with regards to growing fruits and vegetables. Establishing a garden and going organic is definitely a big part of the sustainable plan, but it also has its challenges. One of them is, a garden is very attractive to a number of pest that would quickly destroy your hard work. With the permaculture design, encouraging habitats around your garden that encourages natural predators to the pests is one of the many ways to establish a ecosystem that supports one another. In short it’s landscaping that supports a thriving and healthy ecosystem.

  • Eco Landscaping